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We are ready to Potty Train! Now What?

So she is ready, you are ready, but not sure on how to go from there? Fret not, you are not alone.

Potty training is a trained skill, to make us parents's life easier and expected by society and schools. Your child would quite happily keep peeing and pooing in their nappies and get changed, as far as they are concerned. Therefore, getting ready to potty train takes time, from both sides, dedication and a fair amount of patience. Prepare yourself mentally and plan it can reduce the irritation you will be bound to nurse for your little one little mishaps.

We put together some advice on how to prepare yourself for the weeks ahead.


Manage your expectations

It will make it easier for yourself and minimise the frustration that will mount up in the next few weeks. Managing expectations in advance on the process and what lays ahead, will make in turn, your child feel less anxious.


Remember to give yourself grace

Some days will be better than others, other days you will feel that you have been cleaning wee on your fours all day. When this happens, try to "tell the accident off" with your little one, and take the blame and the fault away from the child. Remember, potty training is a joint effort and you want your best ally to feel she is doing right. Accidents are a good sign of progress and part of any learning process.


Praise the process

Praise will go a long way. It will increase self-esteem in your little one and result in a successful potty training process. What does it mean? Give big praises when he is trying to use the potty, not only when it is a success. one of the first hurdles, quite commonly reported by parents, is that their child, although ready refuses to sit on the potty. Ample praises, clapping and a little dance will keep your child motivated and willing to keep trying. Obviously, bigger achievements, like a wee inside the potty, must be celebrated too with a big fanfare of song and dance.


Put them in control

Or at least pretend they are. Give your child the power to choose any reward, for example, if you are using a potty reward chart, let them pick the stickers they want. Make them choose the potty training undies they love.


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