Flair Essentials Potty training reward chart

Less stress, more fun with Flair Essentials Potty Training Reward Chart

Flair Essentials philosophy behind the potty training reward chart was developed by busy working Mums, Ele & Manu, collectively mums of 6 kids, ranging from 2 and a half to 18 years old.

Having potty trained 5 of them already, and starting on the last addition to our family, I think we know one thing or two when it comes to potty training (and minimise the anxiety for parents). 

As mums of 6 children, we know first hand that potty training can be a messy and frustrating business. We put together this highly engaging and fun potty training reward chart, based on our and other mums experience.

The potty training chart and its diversified rewards are fun and eye-catching. We also recognise that no-one knows your child like you do and that every child is different. That's why our chart can be used as a daily task as well as a weekly one. For the same reason, some rewards like gold medals and praise stickers can be rewarded when you deem suitable.

Flair Essentials Potty training chart overview cheat sheet

We wish you every success with your child's potty training. Subscribe to our Blog for more advice, tips and moral support on this wet & crappy business!

You are not alone! 

Ele x


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